The Sanctuary Retreat was absolutely wonderful! It was a very well-rounded, holistic approach to a retreat. It allowed me the opportunity to focus on my physical health with the pilates sessions, my nutritional health with all of the wholesome meals and cooking workshop, and my mental wellness with the acceptance and commitment therapy workshop and the overall calming environment. I loved how small the group was as well, because it allowed us to connect with each other and feel welcomed more easily. I would definitely recommend this retreat to others. It has made me aware of things I need to remember to do for myself, and I am so grateful I was able to participate in something like this!
— Gabriela, Dublin

I am a relative newcomer to Pilates but really got a lot from the classes on the retreat and it’s improved my practice immensely. It has made me much more conscious of aspects of movement and comfort that I hadn’t realised before.

— Ursula, Dublin

Had the most wonderful weekend at the Sanctuary retreat hosted by Gigi and Cliona. Their attention to detail and professionalism from beginning to end completely surpassed my expectations. They balanced the weekend out perfectly with movement and food. They were the perfect hosts and very attentive to all guests. I came back feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, could not recommend more, will definitely be signing up to their next one.
— Gillian, Dublin

I greatly enjoyed an incredible Sanctuary Weekend retreat in August 2018. From the moment I arrived at the beautiful location at Clone House on Friday evening, I felt a sense of calm which remained until I left on Sunday afternoon. There was an atmosphere of openness and creativity on the course between participants and instructors which was very refreshing. I came back feeling invigorated from brilliant Pilates and hip opener classes with Gigi - each one building and adding to our practice. The highlight for me was the delicious food cooked by Cliona which was so thoughtfully displayed and created into individual menus for each meal. Added to that, the stimulating conversation over great food and wine with the participants, instructors and all those helping in the kitchen made for a memorable weekend. Thanks so much to all of you who brought us together!
— Ursula, Dublin